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$$ How To Backup,Restore And Transfer Whatsapp Messages From One Android Phone To Other

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A majority of android users is now using whatsapp.Well whatsapp is an android app that is widely used by android users for instant messaging and file sharing.Whatsapp has replaced the traditional sms messages of the phone today.Whatsapp is easy to use,you can learn more about it
Backing up whatsapp messages is good as you will have a message database that you can restore anytime on your android.Whatsapp backup is required is your message list is huge and you want to save some space on your phone.The backup file can be stored on your pc and the android phone itself.Follow the steps below to backup and restore whatsapp messages.

  • Open Whatsapp and click the menu button of your phone and click "Settings".
  • Now select "Chat settings" and click "Backup conversations".
  • Your message history will be backed up on your phone's sd card.
  • The message backup database can be found in sd card>WhatApp>Databases>msgstore.db.crypt.
  • This msgstore.db.crypt is the backup of your whats app messages.
How To Restore Whatsapp Messages On Android

  • After backing up the app uninstall whatsapp from your android phone.
  • Now re-install the whatsapp apk can download the latest version
    • Now your messages are restored and can be easily seen within whatsapp.
    Note : Contact numbers deleted from your phonebook after the backup will be visible in the app after restore.You can save their contact numbers again or delete their messages.

    How To Trasnfer Whatsapp Messages From One Android Smartphone To Other Android Smartphone

    Useful InstructionsBefore installing android 4.1.2 jellybean on your galaxy S2 GT-I9100 you should read the following instructions carefully otherwise it may cause damage to your phone.
    • Before updating your phone backup entire data otherwise you will lose it.Update the phone at your own risk and we can’t be held responsible if something goes wrong or if the device gets bricked.
    • Use Android Assistant to backup backup android apps.
    • Backup your contacts list otherwise they will be lost.
    • Use SmsBackupAndRestore to backup all sms messages on sd card then save it on pc.
    • Backup all data stored in phone’s storage and save it on pc otherwise lost.
    • If your device is rooted then after installing the stock rom the root access will be revoked and you will have to re-root it again.
    • Enable USB debugging on galaxy S2.For android 2.3 goto Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging.If you are running android 4.0 then open Settings then goto "Developer options" and select USB debugging.
    • You should install Samsung USB drivers for android smartphones on your pc or KIES otherwise odin will not recognize your phone.
    • Your phone's battery should be charged to atleast 70 percent.
    Warning : This tutorial is meant to be applied on Samsung galaxy S2 I9100 only and should not be applied on any other version of galaxy S2,because you may end up with a bricked device.So don't blame us if you do that.If the update is available in your country then use KIES otherwise you can use this tutorial if and only if you have GT-I9100 version of galaxy S2.

    • USB drivers for galaxy S2 I9100 here.
    • Official android 4.1.2 jellybean rom for galaxy S2 Europe region download.
    • Official android 4.1.2 jellybean rom for galaxy S2 Ireland region
      • Make sure to check only "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" options.Do not check other options
      • Now put a check in front of "PDA" then click "PDA" in odin and browse the android jellybean 4.1.2 rom file which you have downloaded this file name is "I9100XWLSW_I9100XEULS5_XEU.tar.md5".Load this file in PDA it will replace the old rom.
      • Now click "Start".You will see progress in the progress bar above ID:COM.
      • After completion your galaxy S2 will auto rebo I9100ot and start with latest android 4.1.2 jellybean update.

      What If Odin Gets StuckIf odin gets stuck during the update process then you need to restart the whole procedure.Just close everything specially odin.
      • Open windows task manager and under "Processes" tab check if odin is running.If it running then click it and then click end process.Now restart odin.exe.
      • Remove your phone's battery and again re-install it after few seconds and directly reboot it into download mode.
      • Connect it to pc and repeat the upgrading process.
      • This problem is rare if everything is ok.
      Galaxy S2 Hangs And Freezes After Upgrading To Android 4.1.2 JellybeanNow after updating galaxy S2 to official galaxy S2 I9100.
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